Maupal live at Romics


Superpope” is the work that has mainly contributed to make Mauro Pallotta (in art Maupal) famous in the world of street art. 


Last October, Maupal has depicted Papa Francesco on a new mural, in vicolo del Campanile, this time focused on playing tic-tac-toe and drawing the symbol of peace. Although this mural was cancelled in a few hours,   it was already entered into history.  


The roman artist chose to dedicate himself to street art as it is capable of communicating the artistic language to a larger number of people. In his works he always try to express what he thinks, in an attempt to synthesize the subject, always adding a touch of irony and brilliance. He believes that curiosity is the basis of everything,  but it is not enough. His artistic expression is based on three main elements: his personal emotions, the technical knowledge and the interpretation of actuality.  



Maupal will be a guest of the  XXII edition of Romics and will reproduce on stage his famous graffito featuring SuperPope on Sunday 8 October 2017 at 10.30.