Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - The exhibition


Science-fiction, eroticism and adventure: all the fascination of Far West, Druuna and Tex. A great master of International comics. Painter, illustrator, he arrived at the art of comics with great passion. His elegant and refined style and at the same time material and sensual is absolutely unmistakable. Romics presents an extraordinary visual itinerary among his works: thirty splendid originals, accompanied by over 30 prints where you can appreciate and deepen the details, the transition from black & white to colors, from draft to definitive. Distinctive notes of Serpieri’s works are definitely intensity and extraordinary attention to details. His science-fiction, the sensuality of Druuna, the materiality of every detail. The visual journey passes through the fascinating tables of Les Enfer, from the Bible, and his very intense interpretation of Tex. Tables that will leave you speechless,  that need to be observed and observed again, colors and strokes of one of the greatest Master of contemporary comics.  


The exhibition and the presence of Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri are organized in collaboration with Scuola Internazionale di Comics. We would like to thank Pietro Alligo, publisher of Lo Scarabeo, for the material provided, both in original tables and files for printing; Dino Caterini, Director of Scuola Internazionale di Comics for his collaboration.