The exhibition "The Beatles Comics" at Romics

In the XXII edition of Romics the exhibition "The Beatles Comics" in a special edition from 5 to 8 October at the New Rome Trade Fair.


Fifty years after their first concert in Italy, The Beatles continue to be the greatest musical and custom phenomenon in the world of entertainment. After John, Paul, George and Ringo from their Liverpool reache London to invade the world, they will completely change the rules of the game. The way of perceiving the modern music will be extremely different.


Romics, in collaboration with Solares Fondazione delle Arti, wishes to celebrate the anniversary of the publication of  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band over 50 years from their first and unique visit in Italy.

This exhibition represents a new element to better understand the cultural and custom revolution  generated by The Beatles with their music, anticipating in some ways and accompanying for others, the epochal changes which were taking place in those years.   

The exhibition wants to explore and document the interest of pencillers, publishers and fans in the special relationship between the band of Liverpool and the univers of comics and animated movie, rich of thousands of publications which arrive until our days. Particularly the bond that the Fab4 have developed with the world of comics and artistic illustration.  


The great exhibition, consisting of original comic book tables, collectors items and  gadgets, memorabilia, posters, stamps and videos all dedicated to the caleidoscopic universe of The Beatles. A selection of images which involves the most important publishers, but also some articles still unknown even to experts, a complete chronology which permits to follow The Beatles until the present day.  Romics will also curate an important section, telling of how the imaginary of Beatles still continues to inspire  the contemporary graphic artists, inviting comic books writers and illustrators for creating original tables  which are going to join those already present in the exhibition.


The transformation of  Beatles into a colored, dynamic and  funny element  becomes paradigmatic and fundamental for the understanding  of a transformation from the roots of the media game. If the songs and the extraordinary poetic and melodic vein of their albums still remain exemplary means to describe an epoch; filtering that story with the graphic sign of over half a century of publications,  allows to provide  an inspiring mirror capable of revealing a secret and mysterious reality and to explain why, after all the music, the bands and the songs listened until now, The Beatles remained unique and inimitable.  An example for the present, a projection for the future: in other words, no one like The Beatles.


Curators of the exhibition, in collaboration with Fondazione Arti Solares, and Romics are:


Enzo Gentile, journalist and music critic, has written for many magazines, books author, radio and television programs, exhibitions and  festival dedicated to contemporary music. Historian of rock, he teaches at Catholic University of Milan.


Fabio Schiavo, music critic, professional journalist since 1990. He collaborates for many magazines. He was editor of  Rolling Stone from 2004 to 2014. He deals with mass media and  pop culture. He collects comic books about The Beatles. His own webpage: