Pietro Tenoglio

Nasce il 30 settembre del 1946 e già dal 1969 inizia la sua prolifera carriera di make up artist cinematografico specializzandosi nel trucco degli effetti speciali. Uno dei più grandi maestri del trucco e della prostetica, nel cinema italiano. A Romics interverrà in un breve workshop con Diego Vida sul tema effetti visivi ed effetti speciali: due grandi del cinema, finalmente insieme!

Puoi incontrare Pietro Tenoglio sabato 7 ottobre alle ore 16.15 presso il Pala Movie - Palco Comics&Movie, Pad.5

Carlo Cavazzoni

Ha iniziato a lavorare nel mercato dell’animazione nel 1997 come responsabile acquisti alla Terminal Video Italia, l’azienda leader in Italia nella distribuzione degli Anime. Nel 2004 entra a far parte dello staff di Dynit ed in pochi anni assume la direzione del settore video. Carlo Cavazzoni è un grande appassionato di Cinema, Musica e Spettacolo.

Puoi incontrare Carlo Cavazzoni sabato 7 ottobre alle ore 12.00 presso il Pala Comics - Sala Officina del Fumetto, Pad.7

Daniele Frongia

È nato a Roma nel quartiere Appio-Tuscolano, per poi spostarsi in altre zone della Capitale tra le quali il Quadraro, l’Appia Antica e la Montagnola. Attualmente è Assessore allo Sport, alle Politiche Giovanili e ai Grandi Eventi.

Puoi incontrare Daniele Frongia venerdì 6 ottobre alle ore 12.00 presso il Pala Comics Meeting&Lab, Pad.9



Gianluca Caputo

Classe 1975. Laureato in filosofia, insegna Filosofia e Storia nei licei toscani. Ha insegnato anche Psicologia della Comunicazione presso il corso di Informatica Umanistica a Pisa presentando numerosi progetti che hanno unito la sua passione per la filosofia, la psicologia, il web e i fumetti. Lavora nel campo dei fumetti dal 1994, inizialmente come sceneggiatore poi come redattore di numerose riviste del settore. Direttore di numerose scuole di fumetto, dal 2003 collabora con Shockdom, il più importante portale di fumetti e cartoon sul web d’Italia. Oggi Shockdom è anche una casa editrice di fumetti di successo ed egli ne coordina in particolare i progetti editoriali digitali (webcomics.it, digicomics.it, applicazioni per smartphone e tablet, ebook, crowfunding etc). Collabora con Shockdom, coordinando in particolare i progetti editoriali digitali.

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

Sci-fi, eroticism and adventure: All the fascination of Far West, Druuna and Tex


Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri is the winner of the Golden Romics announced for the October edition. On 8th October, the great master of international comics will receive the lifetime award of the XXII edition of the Festival of Comics, Animation, Cinema and Games in Rome. After starting out as a painter and an illustrator, in the seventies Serpieri moved to comics. His elegant and refined lines, which are at the same time material and sensual, make his style unmistakable. 


Venetian by birth, Paolo Serpieri soon moved to Rome where he attended the Liceo Artistico (artistic high school). He then turned to painting, becoming a student of Renato Guttuso from whom he tried to distance himself and find his own personal style.


The first part of his career as a comic artist was related to the Western, his great passion: From 1975 to 1980, he collaborated with the weekly magazine Lanciostory (Eura Editoriale), and together with other artists, illustrated the historical comic book encyclopedia The Story of the West (a collected series of stories set in the American wild west) for the French publisher Larousse. These stories were then also published in Italy by various publishers under the title Stories of the Far-West or similar titles.


Already in these works emerges the documentary precision and the careful attention paid to the wild charm of native American women, which is confirmed in later works such as The White Indian (Orient Express), and is even more explicit in the sensual aspects of Druuna, his most celebrated character and protagonist of the comic book Morbus Gravis (1985). Considered by critics to be a radical shift in his work, Morbus Gravis is a story of science fiction and eroticism created for the French monthly magazine Charlie and published in Italy in the magazine L'Eternauta in instalments. Thanks to the success of the character, which was also appreciated at an international level, the Druuna stories seem to have occupied most of the activities of Serpieri who thus constructed a whole saga around them. The omnibus edition of Druuna, containing both comic strips and illustrations, was published in fine quality hardback by the Alessandro Editore.


Serpieri alternated his activities as a comic book artist with those of painter and professor. In the early eighties, he worked on The Comic Book Bible project, and for this reason his work was noticed by the newly born magazine Orient Express which took him on as an illustrator. It was in the Orient Express that the story in which he first began to explore the erotic science fiction that would become his trademark was published. His sensual drawing style is unique and inspires the construction of apocalyptic worlds in which science fiction and fantasy blend in with the dream.


Serpieri appears as a character in some of his comic strips both in his westerns and in the Druuna stories, in which he plays the character of Doc, a doctor tasked with monitoring the state of health of the characters on a spaceship. In 2015, he authored a Tex comic book for Sergio Bonelli entitled L’Eroe e la Leggenda (The Hero and the Legend) for which he took care of the character, the script and the drawings.


He is Artistic Director of the International School of Comics in Rome.

Romics celebrates the presence of Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri with numerous meetings included in the program and with the award of the Golden Romics, the prize awarded to the great international masters of comic books and animation on Sunday 8 October. 

Ben Morris

Star Wars, The Gladiator, and Harry Potter: The Magical World of the Special Effects Master


Special effects Oscar© recipient, Ben Morris, will receive the career recognition award on October 8, at the 22nd edition of the Comic, Animation, Film, and Game Festival of Rome, where the special effects supervisor for some of Hollywood's greatest successes of recent years will retrace his incredible career.


Ben Morris is the special effects supervisor and creative director of Industrial Light & Magic, and is a founding member of the company's London studio, inaugurated in October 2013.


Ben Morris' passion for animation began in his childhood, thanks to a camera given to him by his father. The artist's first short films, in fact, came to life in his family's garden shed. At the start of his career, Ben played the role of modeler and animatronics engineer at Jim Henson's Creature Shop, where he designed control systems for his renderings for films such as Babe.


With the evolution of the industry, Ben began to focus on computerized graphics, working on physical creatures to be used in the creation of characters, and directed Millfilm's group of computer graphic artists, playing the role of supervisor for the human depictions in the epic Ridley Scott film, "The Gladiator."


 In 2000, Ben Morris joined Framestore, a company he worked for in the creation of a great number of films, such as The Golden Compass, for which he was awarded an Oscar©, an Academy Award, and a BAFTA for Best Special Effects. In 2013, he was responsible for the special effects in Gravity, a thriller directed by Alfonso Cuarón.


Morris has worked for Industrial Light & Magic since the founding of its London division, directing its growth, and has seen the exponential development of its studios; only 4 people have left, with the number of its employees exceeding 400 in just a short time. The London studios have launched projects such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Spectre, and continue to work on some of the most successful films in recent history.


Ben is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and holds a Bachelor's Degree and Honorary Doctorate from the University of Bristol.


He has received credits for many of the most successful films to have come out since the '90s. In fact, Ben Morris has been credited in such major productions as The Muppet Christmas Carol, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Troy, The Gladiator, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, as well as the two most recent episodes of Star Wars.


Romics will be celebrating Ben Morris' presence with various events, which can be found in the program, and will be awarding him the Golden Romics, an award given to the great international comic and animation masters, on Sunday, October 8.

Shawn Martinbrough

The american drawer author of the "noir" atmospheres in Thief of Thieves, will be one of the Romics' exceptional guest.


Shawn Martinbrough, one of the most interesting north-american noir drawer, will be one of the authors rewarded with the gold Romics at the 22nd edition of Romics, scheduled from the 5th till the 8th of October.


Martinbrough is the drawings author of: Thief of Thieves, the series produced by Skybound created by Robert Kirkman The Walking Dead, Invinvible and Outcast, that is published in Italy by SaldaPress. During his brilliant career, the american author drew Batman, Detective Comics, Luke Cage Noir, Captain American, The Black Panter, Hellboy and worked with all the main american publishing houses. He also signed the manual of the noir comics "How to Draw Noir Comics": The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling, published essay by Random House and translated in several countries. His characters appeared also in the movie Deadpool, in the TV series Gotham and in the cartoon Gotham Knights.


Martinbrough is very acclaimed for his capacity to sketch with great mastery noir atmospheres, those that are making Thief of Thieves a classic in the contemporary comics. He mainly worked for Marvel Comics, Vertigo and DC Comics. For two years, in collaboration with Greg Rucka, he took to success in both public and critics Batman: Detective Comics and he worked at The Losers, later became a film.


The presence of Shaw Martinbrough at the 22nd edition of Romics is organized in collaborarion with SaldaPress. Will be possible to meet this extraordinary guest during the four roman days for your dedications and doodle. All the details on dedications and meetings timetable will be posted in the next few days on the website www.romics.it and on the Romics' social networks.


Romics will be celebrating Shawn Martinbrough presence with various events, which can be found in the program, and will be awarding him the Golden Romics, an award given to the great international comic and animation masters, on Sunday, October 8.