Romics Entertainment

The entertainment area of the XXII edition of Romics once again offers you spectacular sceneries. The return of Valhalla Viking Victory with activities and historical games set in the Viking era. Mondo Ancestrale, the fantasy live action role-playing. YGGDRASIL with its stand in medieval style enriched by draperies and armors. At the stands  Doctor Who Italian Club and Uno Studio in Holmes you can visit the Doctor’s Tardis, the Sherlock’s door and a  photographic set. The GoClub of Rome Fujisawa Shuko with the Go game. The staff of GIC- Gundam Italian Club awaits you in cosplay and with the amazing spaceship Spartan. Ghostbusters Italy is ready to recruit young and adult fans of ghostbusters world. Gotham Shadows will debut with the new stand dedicated  to Wonder Woman. Camarilla Italia, welcomes you at its vampire-themed stand. Associazione Italiana Studi Tolkeniani together with Accademia Romana d’Armi proposes demonstration fights  and fencing tournements. The bravest zombies are expected in the arena of Battle For Vilegis and Doom Valley. Inspired by Star Wars: the force awakens, 501st Italica Garrison and Saber Guild Roma with characters and parades. Gundam Italia presents the project  Mostra Visiva on Gundam. Lastly, for the fans of Star Trek the Star Trek Italian Club with the Kirk’s command chair.