The Legend of Zelda. The Art of a Legend at Romics

A tournament and an exhibition for celebrating the first 30 years of one of the best-loved of all sagas.


“The Legend of Zelda” is one of the most famous and venerated sagas of all time. For the first time Nintendo presents  a volume -The Legend of Zelda. The Art of a Legend. – published in Italy by Magazzini Salani (Gruppo Gems), the best images taken from archives, illustrations which have made videogame history. More than 400 pages where the first 30 years of the series are reviewed through the images that have consecreted this videogame all over the world. The volume is enriched by unreleased illustrations, preparatory works and official drawings of every character, videogame covers in all versions, instruction manuals and much more. Furthermore a particolar focus is devoted to exclusive interviews with the members of the development team, including an in-depth examination on The Legend of Zelda. Breath of the Wild, the new videogame for console Nintendo Switch that has already achieved great success.   

In the occasion of the  pubblication of the volume, Romics proposes, in collaboration with Magazzini Salani, "The Legend of Zelda. The Art of a Legend" an exhibition dedicated to the celebrated videogame which will be taking place for the entire duration of the Festival at Pavilon 9 Exhibitions and Live Performances Area, a selection of tables which follow the graphic evolution of the characters.  


In addition, on Friday from 14.30 to 16.30 at the Arena GEC Palagames – Pav 6 fans of Zelda will be able to battle  in an unmissable tournement organised by Romics in collaboration with  Magazzini Salani and GEC - Giochi Elettronici Competitivi. Five copies of the book are up for grubs for the winners.