Lega Prima grows, Romics launches the new cadet championship

Lega Prima – Romics, the League of Legends italian championship, has reached the final stages of its second edition and is preparing to face the third edition. Lega Prima is composed of eight of the best italian teams such as: Team Forge, Outplayed, iDomina, TeS Gaming, Team Qlash and EasyFix co-HOP to which will soon be added Inferno eSports and Racoon thanks to the victory obtained at the promotion tournament.  


Teams face each other in a round-robin tournement including seven home and seven return matches, in addition at the end of the season playoff will decide the winner.


Lega Prima – Romics, launched to support the competitive growth of League of Legends within the italian scene, ensures the presence of a continuous, constant and high level competition to push the teams towards greater stability and  plan their own future in the long term instead in the shirt period.  


Thus the need to create Lega Seconda (Second League) which have already debutted during the second season of the older sister, to allow access to Lega Prima to additional teams through a mechanism that combines the ranked last teams of  Lega Prima with the top-ranked teams of Lega Seconda. The teams which take part in the cadet championship are eight  but are to become twelve starting from the third edition of the League.  The two rounds will be composed by 6 teams that will fight in a first and return match.