An interview with Edgardo Colabelli and Silvia Jacovitti..

An interview with Edgardo Colabelli and Silvia Iacovitti, in the occasion of ‘’ Cocco Bill turns 60 ’’ at Romics

Is there a successor, an author which may be considered the new Jacovitti?

Silvia Jacovitti: There is no author able to repeat his work. I even established some study grants to help students  who wanted to become illustrators, but there is no other “Jacovitti”. Each of them has his own peculiarity, you cannot exactly repeat the work of another artist. My father had an his own irony. Jacovitti is an unicum.


Edgardo Colabelli: Jacovitti was a really polyhedric artist, he ranged in different fields of creativity: from Pinocchio and comics to the advertising. He was an inexhaustible source of creativity,  he could do amazing things with scissors, cutting out paper in two minutes.


This year is the 60th anniversary of  Cocco Bill. Is his work still original?

S.J. : Yes, I think so. His ‘’being over the top’’and see things from a self-ironic point of view is pure genius.

E.C. : Jacovitti is a great classic, with a 30s style,  but he remains a timeless artist. Infact he can be read today as 60 years ago.


Jacovitti was a mentor for many pencillers, but who were his favorite artists? Who inspired him ?

S.J: He was inspired by Elzie Crisler Segar, creator of Popeye the Sailor Man and Walter Faccini, a Swiss author who was his model for the panning shots. His famous character, Signora Carlomagno is inspired by the figure of Nonna Abelarda and Popeye: she is a woman with an inhuman strength, but she is really afraid of rats. The humour of Jacovitti has not time..


What was Diario Vitt?

E.C. : The Jacovitti’s diary was aimed at young students. It was the biggest publishing success except Bible. The publication ended as soon as Jacovitti added erotic scenes.


What did it mean to grow up with a father like Jacovitti?

S.J.: A little brother rather than a father! He was a friend with whom to play.


E.C.: I remember he used to say: “When I will pass away, take care of Silvia.”