An interview with David Lopez at Romics

Your new character is a female version of Wolverine. Which female features have you added to the character? Which are the differences between Laura and Wolverine?

First of all the genetic features: Laura is a woman, Wolverine is a man. Laura wishes to take care for others, Logan fights for the others just as Laura, ma he is violent, enraged. Laura has today released herself from this anger, although in X-Man 3 it was still present. She was different and more dangerous.



Do you prefer to draw positive or negative characters?

In creating characters, I always think to the positive ones: even villains believe to be good, from their point of view they think to be in the right. For example Doc. Who is not aware about being a bad character, he always believes to do the right thing. I try to show the bad side of the good ones and the good side of the bad ones, nobody is completely either one or the other.



How did you start your job and how did you manage to arrive at Marvel?

I started in 2000 in the Usa, it was as something natural for me: I published my first comic-books in Spain, released in Italy by publisher Mondo Naif. Together with my agent we have subsequently tried many ways and we have sent the material in America. I couldn’t think that it would have worked, that they would have welcomed me, because my style was quite different from that of Marvel. I have been lucky: at some point the Marvel-style has got closer to mine and it has been easier for me to publish.



What is there on your drawing board while you are working?

I work with the computer, I don’t use paper: I prefer to draw and stamp with the computer. In this way the drawing is perfect. I have a little mania: I hate the rubber parts which remain on the sheet after having deleted something.



Which are your new projects?

I am writing a story which will be published  by Panel Syndicate of Marcos Martin and Brian K. Vaughan. The story of Albert Montes. It is a very new and interesting project. The publisher provides the digital download in exchange of a free offer: a fixed price is not required.



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