Il Maggio dei Libri: discover the illustration of the campaign

Opening up your knowledge horizon, acquiring new awareness, building self-confidence, feeling safe and much, much more. Unpredictable and magical, the power of books, inexhaustible as the list of advantages it produces for the human being. 

In four words: "If you read you are strong!" , which - as for "Libriamoci" last November and in a perspective of full continuity between the two initiatives - is the theme that inspired the thirteenth edition of Il Maggio dei Libri, la campagna del Centro per il libro e la lettura and the reading that returns from 23 April to 31 May.

An unmissable appointment with the reading celebrated, with all its power, the coordinated image created by illustrator Cristina Sosio in collaboration with Romics, in which the female figure in armor, laid down sword and shield, is immersed in reading, thus becoming a symbol of true strength.

Joining Il Maggio dei Libri is very simple: to participate, simply connect to Il Maggio dei Libri Registration address and enter your initiative completing the procedure with eye-catching and brief descriptions accompanied, if available, by an image or poster. 

Below you can see the main illustration of the campaign that will be officially awarded to Romics during the XXX edition.