World Cosplay Summit 2019 - Team Italy


Fabiano Valentino and Samuele Campobassi, winners of the last edition of Romics Cosplay Award have just landed in Japan where their fabulous adventure is about to start.

The two cosplayers will have the task to represent Italy at the World Cosplay Summit.

World Cosplay Summit, internationally recognized as the most important contest of the sector, is born in 2003 in Japan to promote international exchanges of japanese pop culture. This year forty countries will take part in the ten contest days with the opportunity to discover and get to know habits and customs of all the participating countries, in the land of the Rising Sun.

We look forward the final scheduled in Nagoya on 4 August where the winning team will be announced.


We interviewed Samuele and Fabiano, an opportunity to know them better: 

 Ciao Samuele, ciao Fabiano, your japanese adventure is at last beginning. Can you introduce yourselves to the public of Romics?

Samuele: Ciao! My name is Samuele Campobassi and I am 26 years old. I use the pseudonym "Nero Cosplay". I work as an office employee and I dedicate a large part of my leisure to Cosplay and everything concerning it.

 Fabiano: Hello everybody! My name is Fabiano Valentino in art Diaboliko cosplay! I started in  2008 together with some friends, intrigued by this magical world, without knowing it would become the greatest passion of my life! 

 How long have you been practicing cosplay and what inspired you to enjoy this art? 

Samuele: I started to practice cosplay in 2008, almost as a game with friends precisely at Romics. I immediately fell in love with this art, after understanding how important it was for me to create and wear a costume, play a character and share all these emotions with other people.

 Fabiano: I have been practicing cosplay for over eleven years as I have always been fascinated by the idea of being able of staging with my friends the comics and videogames characters I was particularly attached.  

 Now it is time to reveal which costumes you are going to wear in the Tokyo round and for the Nagoya final …

Samuele: Well!! Together we decided to create two costumes taken from "Monster Hunter: World", where my armor is the USJ Azure Starlord Armor, while Fabiano has chosen the Brigade Armor.

 How did you get ready for this competition and how much time did you spend to complete your cosplay costumes?

Samuele: We have worked hard in our workshop to set up the cosplays. It was a very demanding  period which, however has given to us great satisfaction. We have utilized many tecniques which required a great deal of time. It took almost a year of each single day work.

Are you excited by the idea of representing Italy at the Wcs, an event to which all cosplayers would like to participate?

Samuele: Yes, absolutely! It is like a dream that finally becomes true. Cosplay is very important  for me, since I grew up in this world and the possibility of being able to represent my country in a so high level competition makes me really proud. 

Fabiano: The mere fact of being interview makes me feel very excited!!! Wcs is the main reason why I started to take part in a cosplay competition.