The street art, great talents working in our cities.

Street art has become a cultural and artistic phenomenon of global impact. The streets artists come back to Romics as always with their great sensivity to the most important issues, sometimes starting right from the suggestions created by comics and superheroes.  Among the guests: David Vecchiato “in art Diavù”, cartoonist, musician and illustrator is one of  the most active urban artists in the italian panorama, he is also co-author of the series MURO broadcasted on Sky Arte; Solo, the distinctive feature of his murales are the superheroes, his mark is already internationally acknowledged. Visitors will able to admire the Studio d’Artista@romics by David Diavù Vecchiato and Maupal during the live creation of a murales. David Diavù Vecchiato, Maupal and Solo will also be the protagonists of a meeting on ‘’street art’’.