Romics Cosplay Award: the prizes awarded in the April 2019 edition


Here’s the list of Romics Cosplay Awards of April 2019, the contest which was held  during the XXV edition of Romics, with great involvement on the part of the public.


Many awards, the announcement of the winner of the trip to Japan and the list of italian competitors who will take part in the international selection at the C4 Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup 2019, which will take place at the prestigious Animecon, in Holland.



Best male costume award:  Emanuele Bolognari - Mr. Freeze taken from Batman

- Best female costume award: Rachele Gorghetto - Miss Fortune skin Capitana taken from League of Legends

- Best anime or manga group award: Emilia Sperati, Riccardo Sperati and Matteo Sansone - Aiolos and Virgo Shaka taken from Saint Seiya

- Best videogames group award: Gianfranco Franchi and Aurora Fatano - Sub-Zero Frost taken from Mortal Kombat

- Best animated and fantasy cinema award: Sonia Moriccioni, Erica Moriccioni and Loredana Favola - Te-Ka, Te-Feti and Vaiana taken from Oceania

- Best performance award: Valerio Tosatti, Sara Borsi, Alessandro Petullà and Patrick Alessandroni - Micheal Jackson taken from the World Tour 1997

- Best single cosplay winner of the trip to Japan: Elisa Passacantilli - Nuka Girl taken from Fallout 4

- Italian representative  at the C4 Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup 2019: Leslie Isabel Patriarchi and Stefano Dicati - Alucard Dracula taken from Symphony of Night