Romics Cosplay Award April 2019


The long-awaited Romics Cosplay Award makes its return!


The XXV edition of Romics confirms the prestigious cosplay event where cosplayers from all over Italy, competing to the sound of costumes and shows are called to challenge each other on the stage of  Romics to represent the high level of italian cosplay!


In everyday life they are like many other people, but during some theme fairs and conventions they skillfully transform themselves into heroes of films, comic books and cartoons. 

Thousands of people every year gather together to give expression to their fabulous and precious creativity: the art of cosplay, a wonderful hobby born in Japan and soon spread throughout the world wich allows enthusiasts to step into the shoes of their favorite superheros, to perform the most intrepid heroin of the world of videogames  or the most wicked character of the manga universe. The goal is to remain as far as possible faithful to the character, either by tailoring a simple costume or by wearing a complicated armour.


For over fifteen years Romics has regarded as the reference festival of the cosplay world and during the XXV edition, Romics Cosplay Award, in addition to the classic awards  will give the competitors the opportunity to take part in the international selection of Clara Cow ‘s Cosplay Cup 2019 that will be held within the prestigious  Animecon, in Holland.


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