Romics Cosplay

The most anticipated contest of the year where fans can create and wear the costume of their favorite character: Romics Cosplay is the event of the sector that every year draws in thousands of young people from all over Italy involving them  in an important experience of  cultural exchange.


At Romics, Cosplay couples may compete to be selected to partecipate in the World Cosplay Summit (WCS), the  Cosplay world competiton wich is held every year in Japan. Instead single competitors may aspire to participate in the International Yamato Cosplay Cup, the world championship taking place in San Paolo, Brazil and in the selection for the London Eurocosplay, the European Cosplay championship. The final will take place on Sunday 8 October at Pala Romics, Pavilion 8 – Sala Grandi Eventi e Proiezioni. 


Special guests of the event: Luca Buzzi and Valentina Hernández.