London EuroCosplay: The Final


The London EuroCosplay has just ended and the italian representative Cristina Benfante has once again shown the high level of italian Cosplay, performing Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

A special thanks to the young cosplayer Cristal who talks about herself in this interview.


Cristina, please tell us something about yourself and how this passion has come about; what has led you into this world?


Hello everybody, my name is Cristina in art Cristal (Cosplay), I am 30 and I live in Palermo.

I have always been passionately interested  in the world of anime, manga, film, tv series and videogames, I also collect  Bishoujo figures.

I  have been practising this hobby for around 7 years. My first event was Cospladya 2010, where I approached this amazing world  which I fell in love with.



How many cosplays have you worn until now? Do you remember which was the first cosplay and  the emotion you felt at that moment?


Since  I started , I have worn about 27 cosplays, not so many, but a lot of these have required  really a great deal of time. The first was Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, and I was very happy to step into her shoes  and receive so many compliments  despite it was only my  first cosplay. 



Were you excited for representing Italy at the EuroCosplay Championship?


Yes absolutely, very excited. I had wished for a long time  to take part in  such an important  competition as this, but I would never have imagined  to reach this point.



How did you shape your cosplay?


Mainly  it is a tailoring cosplay, rich in decorations, which apparently looks simple, instead  it has taken a long time.


 How much time did this cosplay take you? Which elements have required a particularly demanding task?


About 7 months, especially for the material research. The most demanding element was the cloak , due to  the many hand-painted decorations. 



Do you want to say thanks to anyone in particular?


First of all my family, my brother and my boyfriend who  have always supported me  and  all the people who have chereed for me. Thank you very much to everybody ❤