An interview with Gabriele Dell'Otto, Golden Romics

Gabriele Dell'Otto, a very talented illustrator and Golden Romics 2016, has been interviewed by Romics during the XX edition.


From a kind of work centered on comics and superheroes you moved to the illustration of classical texts such as Pinocchio and The Divine Comedy. Why did you make this choice?

All my work beyond comics was due to a personal need  of creating something linked to my background. I wanted to propose some subjects which had contributed to my vocational education. 

Working on these classics, I have a great deal of respect for what has already been done: the original is the original. I respect the atmosphere of a story, but I develop it in my interpretative key, by adapting it to what I am proposing.



How the idea of illustrating the Divine Comedy is born?

The Divine Comedy is a separate issue in my production: it was the result of the encounter with Franco Nembrini. I went to a lesson on Dante given by Franco and I discovered that Dante was talking about me. After having personally known Franco I decided to put my paintings at disposition for the new edition of the Divine Comedy. We wanted to create something useful which would allow kids to approach a classical text and understand that in Italy we have many beautiful things that unfortunately are often forgotten.



With whom will you publish this edition of th Divine Comedy?

With the same publisher of Franco, but we still have many offers. We do not wish too much interference.  It is a personal challenge that me and Franco are ready to face together.  



Can anyone become a talented illustrator, a comics artist or is it something you are born with?

In recent years I realized that each of us has a special gift, no one excluded, but this gift needs to be understood and valued.  In the artistic field, this quality is evident: it clearly appears from the drawing, it is something more visible than a mathematical formula. I have always loved the comic-books, I have always read them. My favourite media is however the illustration, with the image I can better express myself than with a story. I am often asked to create covers because as an illustrator I  do a very different work. Claudio Villa, illustrator of Bonelli, he once wrote me something that deeply touched me, but that is absolutely true: ‘’an artist talk about himself, but a great artist also talk about me’’.



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