Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup 2019, a warm thanks to Team Italy!


The Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2019, is the international cosplay contest which has just finished in Holland where Leslie Isabel Patriarchi, false name Luce Cosplay and Stefano Dicati, alias Zarek Whitestar, selected during the XXV editon of Romics Cosplay Award, have competed with great enthusiasm and dedication.


The two young cosplayers, playing the roles of Alucard and Dracula taken from Castelvania Symphony of the Night have fascinated audience and jury, with their extraordinary performances and the careful attention to detail in the creation of their costumes.


18 teams coming from all over the world took part in the competition: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmarc, Finland, France, Italy, Malaysia, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States and the Team Germany which climbed the top step of the podium. 


A huge thanks to Leslie and Stefano, that once again have confirmed the high level of italian cosplay.