Romics XXVII – The official playbill


Romics XXVII presents the official playbill of this eagerly-awaited edition


An overwhelming desire to meet for sharing the passion for comics, animation, cinema, games, during these four extraordinary days where all the souls of Romics intersect each other creating a dialogue and bringing us closer to the new trends.


The playbill, splendidly created by Arianna Rea (Disney comic artist, illustrator, character designer and professor at Scuola Romana dei Fumetti), transport us without esitation into the magic world of Romics. A sparkling and modern Alice in Wonderland takes us with confidence and humour into the worlds of imagination, from comics to cinema, from games to Cosplay. With great joy, strenght and jocosity. A large explosion of energy and colour that has always characterized the festival of Romics.


In summary, through the mirror we will celebrate both the classic Wonderland’s unbirthday and the real twentieth anniversary of Romics!


We need to hurry! White Rabbit is running, the clock is ticking, it is time to go to Romics, to discover new surprises, guests, meetings and presentations!