Nagabe the author of Girl from the Other Side Special Guest of the XXVII edition



Nagabe, born in 1992, published his first work in 2013, after having experienced over the years different genres and approaches, developing a highly recognizable style which often moves through fairy-tale atmospheres, and stories often populated by anthropomorphic animals. His most famous work is Girl From the Other Side, a dark fairy-tale which enjoyed critical and public acclaim. Counting on a very particular drawing style and an imagination capable of attracting even the attention of those who usually do not love mangas, this title is considered as one of the great successes over recent years in Italy and around the world.

Recently Wit Studio has produced a short anime using an experimental animation technique that gives life to the story of Shiva and the Teacher in a new expressive dimension. On the occasion of Romics and the presence of the author, J-POP Manga will also publish Wizdoms, a single anthology volume rich of boy’s love nuances and magical and mysterious atmospheres.

At Romics Nagabe will be the central figure of a meeting with the audience focused on his works and career, a masterclass and a signing session. Further information will be provided in the coming weeks.

Nagabe will be present at Romics thanks to the collaboration with J-Pop Manga.