Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism launches a technical table on italian comics


We are pleased about the opening of a technical table on italian comics by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism. The roundtable comes to life as a place for discussion between institutions, professionals and sector operators to analize and share all opportunities to spread and promote comics and graphic arts, as well as to plan system initiatives and collaborative networks aimed at enhancing this aspect of the italian publishing production.


On the occasion of the meeting titled: “Italian pencillers – a meeting  on Italian comics and illustration: stories, talents and languages” held during the XXVI edition of Romics ( 3-6 October 2019), that saw the participation of  Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Associazione Italiana Editori and Associazione degli Editori Indipendenti, Publishing Houses and Art Directors of the sector; Dr. Paola Passarelli as General Director of Biblioteche e Istituti Culturali MiBACT proposed the idea to give life to a national library centre reserved to comics, to achieve more effecting fruition of the works, hoping for the establishment of a working group composed of publishers, authors, sector associations, experts, libraries and the Ministry.


We are really happy that Ministry has launched in a very short time such a working path and we are sure that the technique table will be bringing forward shared projects and solutions for the sector.


We also wish to express our particular satisfaction for the competent contribution to the roundtable made by Sabrina Perucca, Artistic Director of Romics.


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