The Jury of Romics Comic-books Contest


Are you curious to know the names of the winners of Romics Comic-books Contest?  We are nearly there!


The quality jury is currently working to decide the winners of the following prizes: Gran Premio Romics, Special Jury Awards, Best Book of Anglo American School, Best Book of European School, Best Book of Japanese School, Best Book of Italian School, Best Book of South American School, Best Reprint, Best Series, Best Children’s Book Fair, Best Digital Comic-book, New Talents Awards.


Romics Comic-books counts about 120 titles and reaches its fifth edition with the patronage of Centro per il Libro e la Lettura,  Autonomous Institute of  Ministry of Cultural Heritage.


Find out more on Valerio Stivè, Enrico Fornaroli and Sabrina Perucca:



Valerio Stivè

Valerio Stivè works in the world of comics as a critic, translator and editor. He is a member of the editorial staff of He translated some comic-books for some of the major italian publishers of the sector.





Enrico Fornaroli

Enrico Fornaroli, comic-book artist, professor and editor. He obtained the diploma at the Liceo Artistico of Milan and subsequently the DAMS degree at the Univesrsity of Bologna. He served as Editorial Consultant for Panini Comics; Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and he also teaches in several italian Universities courses related to Comics.  


Sabrina Perucca

Sabrina Perucca is the Artistic Director of Romics – International Festival of Comics, Animation and Games.  She collaborates with I Castelli Animati – International Festival of animated cinema. Sabrina Perruca is a Professor of “History of cinema and video”, “History and Criticism of animated film”, “Theory and Analysis of cinema and audiovisual”, ‘’Event Organization’’, “Production activities in the animated cinema and new media area” for masters, seminars and university courses. She published many books, essays and articles on animated cinema and comics.