Happy Birthday Romics!



Romics is celebrating its first twenty years with a tribute to the Great Authors who were awarded the Golden Romics!



Romics is celebrating its first twenty years: an amazing adventure began in 2001, originally as a single edition, then since 2013 with a double edition, welcoming  exibitors, professionals, fans and an ever-growing audience. 


The International Festival of comics, animation, cinema and games since its beginning has looked at with particular attention to the new trends and the ramifications of comics through the worlds of creativity, encouraging alchemies and a special armony between different universes.

A journey through the languages of imagination, studded by great events with the presence of italian and international authors, exhibitions, meetings, movie previews, live drawing and live painting, pop events, music and much more. A great 4-day event, which includes all the ‘’souls of Romics”.

During these first twenty years, eighty-seven autors were awarded the Golden Romics: great Masters of comics, cinema, illustration, special effects have livened up the stage of Romics with special and memorable initiatives. From the prestigious works signed by Bonelli to Argentine comics. From Japan artists to those coming from the Franco-Belgian area.

From Disney to Superheroes. From illustration to the great cinema, special effects and last but not least the music. 


Romics wishes to celebrate its birthday mentioning and honouring all the personalities who have received the Golden Romics award with a great special event, full of surprises and a real meeting occasion that will be attended by a large number of authors both in presence and audio-video contributions, making this anniversary  a real moment of celebration, a huge thanks to all those who, artists, collaborators, workers in the sectors and an ever-wider audience that during these twenty years made Romics an extraordinary event!


We are expecting you on Sunday 3 October at pavilion 7.


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