Furio Scarpelli: Paintbrush, Indian ink drawing and Typewriter

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To celebrate the 100 years of the great scriptwriter’s birth, on December 16 at the Casa del Cinema of Rome, in collaboration with Romics, an eventful day has offered the inauguration of the great exhibition dedicated to Furio Scarpelli as an Illustrator; the projection of the film Ballando Ballando directed by Ettore Scola, in collaboration with the Cineteca Nazionale, the masterpiece dated 1983 which narrates half a century of history through music and unique glances and atmospheres, and finally the unmissable meeting which has involved many film directors, actors and personalities from the world of culture who have collaborated with him and appreciated his work.


Scarpelli, best known to the great public as a scriptwriter for films, mostly in collaboration with Age, started his career just as an illustrator for comic books and satire magazines, a passion inherited from his father and then imparted to his sons. From Il Balilla and La Piccola Italiana, to Don Basilio with all its biting irony. This experience brought out his skills as a writer and he was soon called to compose scripts for films that would later become icons of italian cinema. Passion for drawing never abandoned him, evidence of this are the opening titles of films such as Totò cerca moglie and the screenplays where he used to combine drawings with words. In his sixty-year career,  full of recognitions and Oscar nominations, the will to experiment new elements has never ceased: the attempt to make an animated film; the novels written and illustrated for his sons and grandchildren at a later time published by Gallucci Editore such as Estella e Jim nella meravigliosa Isola del Tesoro; the return to comics with the complex and evocative work Passioni (Gallucci 2018); the children tale  Opopomoz (Gallucci 2013), that has inspired the homonymous animated film directed by Enzo D’Alò; the drawings for the film Cristina directed by Stefania Sandrelli; the visual screenplay of  Concorrenza Sleale by Scola.


The exhibition entitled: Furio Scarpelli: paintbrush, indian ink drawing and typewriter is a fascinating itinerary, divided into four sections which narrate the untiring activity and  passion that characterized the life of Furio Scarpelli, the drawing: an anthological exhibition which included originals such as comics, sketches, illustrated screenplays, portraits and much more, witnessing  the unknown talent of the scriptwriter. Also passing through the unreleased project, as usual combined with illustrations, created together with Age and Monicelli in 1967, a screenplay for a film entitled Big Deal on the Moon, a sort of sequel of I Soliti ignoti, where the protagonists make the effort  that will make them immortal: reaching the Moon; a story that would have anticipated a few years the Moon landing of Armstrong and Aldrin.



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