An extraordinary journey across the italian comics with Tito Faraci


The great scriptwriter in his long-standing career has ranged through different creative universes, from Topolino to Dylan Dog then Tex, Diabolik and Magico Vento, and he also was one of the first Italian writers to work on American characters such as Spider-Man, Devil and Captain America.


Faraci has been the protagonist of two extraordinary encounters at Romics, the first dedicated to the relationship between script and comics with Giuseppe Palumbo and Sio, conducted by Luca Valtorta, where the main dynamics that occur between illustrator and scriptwriter have come to the fore, until the achieving of that unique alchemy that characterises a great work.  


The second encounter was also attended by Silvia Ziche, author with whom he has created beautiful works, and Giorgio Cavazzano, Faraci’s menthor and teacher who has also awarded him the Golden Romics during the prize-giving ceremony.   


A great exhibition of original plates has also retraced the most important steps of the scriptwriter’s career, from Il Grande Diabolik - La vera storia dell’isola di King by Palumbo to Capitan Jack, the Texone by Breccia until  Dylan Dog: Remake Caccia agli inquisitori illustrated by Mari, and then arriving at the cult L’Uomo Ragno e il segreto del vetro illustrated by Cavazzano and  Infierno by  Ziche, ending with many wonderful Disney stories.