EVA IMPACT presents Blood Type: Blue Water - Nadia×Evangelion


An analysis and a comparison between the two masterly TV series by Hideaki Anno, the unforgettable Nadia – The Secret of Blu Water and the shocking Neon Genesis Evangelion. The event will be attended by Ilaria Azzurra Caiazza, Ivan Ricci, Luca Moretti and Filippo Petrucci.


The Cultural Association EVA IMPACT, founded in 2016 on the initiative of some authors of the website Distopia Evangelion and other ‘’fanatics’’ of this series, aims to promote the study, analysis and dissemination of Evangelion and related franchise, as well as other works linked to it with regard to authors, production studios, subjects and style. Ever-present in major sector fairs with the contribution of panels and itinerary exhibitions, EVA IMPACT focused its attention on sci-fi animation, not disdaining incursions among series of a different kind and high-quality products.