The art of Federico Bertolucci


From Topolino to W.I.T.C.H, from Love to Brindille: the three lives of Federico Bertolucci, Golden Romics of the XXVI edition of the Festival.


Bertolucci, during an intense meeting with the audience has retraced the salient points of his career; the initial steps in Disney Academy, the collaborations with major Italian publishers, until his works for the French market. His series Love has even received three nominations for the Eisner Awards.

Then Brindille arrived; the adventurous tale written by Frédéric Brrémaud which captured the interest of readers of all ages. And precisely the face of Brindille characterised the official image of the XXVI edition of Romics and to Brindille, a splendid story, vibrating of colors, beauty and contrasts, was dedicated an interesting and original exhibition. Brindille is created digitally and the itinerary has shown all the work and single steps necessary to complete the plate: from the studies of the characters to the pencil sketches, from the creating of the shots to the different levels of background coloring.


We look forward to the new works of Bertolucci, who is currently working on many fascinating projects.