Altan, the Master of Satire, Golden Romics of the XXVI edition


Altan, the Master of Satire. The great cartoonist Altan was awarded the Golden Romics of the XXVI edition.


A versatile author, his creations have been accompanying us for over forty years. During the meeting held at Romics, in an exceptional interview conducted by Luca Valtorta, Altan has retraced the main steps of his career. He is the creator of Pimpa, red-spotted female dog which has won over  different generations of children, a character that has now become well-known even across borders.


Altan is an absolute master of satire, his comic strips, always flavored with biting irony, accompany us on magazines and newspapers, always taking care the various aspects of the political contemporaneity. During the Award Ceremony, Altan has really reaffirmed the importance of satire, as a necessary condition of our everyday life.


Thanks to his comic books we can discover from a different angle great historical figures like   Cristopher Columbus, St. Francis of Assisi and many others. Precisely at Romics Altan has presented the volume Uomini ma straordinari published by Coconino Press, the first of a series dedicated to his novels.